Top benefits of living in a retirement community

Bojana NedicPlanning for RetirementSeptember 20, 2016
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While many seniors see moving into a retirement home as a loss of independence, the actual experience is often quite liberating. Retirement homes accommodate all needs ranging from independent living—within a traditional apartment style residences to all-inclusive luxury residences—to comfortable accommodations for residents with mobility or cognitive impairment. After moving into a retirement home, many seniors say the arrangements exceed their needs and provide a strong social community.

While retirement communities are not the best option for every senior, this article outlines a number of common benefits for considering them. If any of the following reasons resonate and you are interested in learning more, please visit to begin your retirement home search!


3 reasons why seniors prefer living in a retirement community

Social connectionsRetirement homes are wonderful places to foster new relationships and a deep sense of community. Feelings or depression and isolation among seniors living alone is a prevalent issue; however, retirement communities offer each residence a sense of belonging and connection. Residents are able to forge bonds with people from all walks of life through conversations at meals and participating in regularly scheduled games and social events.


No home maintenanceMaintaining a home is a commitment for any adult; for seniors it may be overwhelming. Seniors may require increased assistance from family and hired help for regular home maintenance and unexpected repairs, and this may take a lot of time and money. In a retirement community all regular maintenance, repairs, and even cleaning are included in your living arrangement. Everything is taken care of in a retirement community, allowing seniors to focus on doing what matters: relaxing and socializing.


Safety. A common worry for seniors—and their families—is falling or getting injured in their home. Retirement communities provide peace with dedicated care staff, nurses, and emergency response systems installed in each apartment. Many homes also offer individual assistance pendants for seniors and conduct regular checks through the day and night to make sure everyone is well.

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